Allied Maintenance Assistance is a mobile service company, that inspects, adjusts, services and repairs gutter and associate manufacturing machines at your shop or on a worksite almost anywhere in the Northwest USA. This includes Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California These machines must operate efficiently and correctly to produce a quality produce.

Operators are usually the best judge of the conditions of their machines. They sometimes encounter field problems, that are not evident in the shop. They almost immediately know when something is wrong, but lacking the knowledge and tools, they often "SCREW UP THEIR MACHINE EVEN MORE" attempting “quick fixes”. The operators know their product and as such should be part of the team to evaluate and adjust these machines. 



With over 50+ years in this industry, I have extensive hands-on experience in the instrumentation, PLC, motor control and manufacturing processes. This experience is in design, manufacturing, trouble-shooting, maintenance, and field service areas. It also includes servicing, operating and repairing pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

I have setup, programmed, and operated scheduled preventative maintenance programs that include issuing work order, maintaining spare parts inventory, supervising technicians and work tasks, dealing with venders (issuing purchasing orders, etc.).

Using various forms of auto-cad /turbo-cad I have updated various forms of flow control, wiring & hydraulic drawing. Further, I have created and maintained libraries of operating, service and parts list manuals.

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